Wednesday, October 31, 2007

As co-founder of the Memphis Digital Arts Co-operative and a do-it-yourself writer-director who has achieved some national attention for his highly personal movie projects, Morgan Jon Fox has become a youthful mentor to many in the local film making community. ...

"omg/HaHaHa" is an intimate, earnest and at times essentially documentarian peek into the lives of several troubled, confused, restless and proud Memphians, most of whom appear to be residents of Midtown in general and Cooper-Young in particular.
... the movie makes artful and honest use of digital video, exploiting the format for its strengths and embracing its limitations rather than trying to pass it off as a cheap substitute for film stock.
"omg/HaHaHa" employs a large ensemble cast...
... much of the film was improvised and shot documentary-style, leaving Fox with 20 to 30 hours of footage, which he sculpted over the course of a year into its current "multilayered" 95-minute form in the manner of a woodcarver fashioning a sequence of nesting dolls from a tree trunk.
The film is presented as a project of Fox's Sawed-Off Collaboratory Productions company and the MeDiA Co-op, with thanks to, a Web site devoted to local arts, and Makeshift Music, a record label whose artists contribute several songs to the film...

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