Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kentucker Audley's new filmTEAM PICTURE wins Best Hometowner Feature 
at indie memphis 2007!

Beifuss writes 

Excerpt from story:

"Team Picture" may represent the most promising feature debut for a Memphis filmmaker since Craig Brewer's "The Poor & Hungry" in 2000. But even Brewer's black-and-white video "digiflik" cost about $20,000; Audley estimates "Team Picture" was produced for a measly $1,500.

Brewer's accomplished, plot-thick and character-rich film suggested the writer-director had a future in Hollywood, which proved to be true. Appropriately, given the passive-aggressive indecisiveness, moral near-immobility, educational nonambition and career uncertainty of its hero, "Team Picture" makes no claim on the future, even though it could be classified as belonging to a currently fashionable school of do-it-yourself, YouTube-era filmmaking known as "mumblecore."

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